Thursday, November 19, 2015


Autumn leaves and tragedy falls three inches thick
It covers the chalky images we drew when we were twelve
It walks across the cracked sidewalk
Screaming against the hollow wind collecting within us
Suffocation is the scariest way to go, it says
Because he stepped in front of a train
And she let knives draw on her skin like lipstick
But it was the suffocation that slowly took them.
Because while autumn is equal parts irony and beauty
Silence gets filed away next to depression and parents
Who always say it will get better
It collects dust weighing 9 grams of antidepressants
And 50 minutes of therapy every Tuesday
They give us novels about 7 Highly Effective Habits and Way To Be
When we should be writing the words engraved upon our hearts
Words and letters and lists upon lists of gratitude and healing
Because let me tell you something
Lists always had more to do with holding on than letting go
Like Facebook three years past its prime
What most don’t understand is that forward and backward seem like traps
And a 32 point turn has always been easier that backing out
Depression took a lot from you
1 half chemicals and 6 halves asthma
But you’re breathing and that’s half the battle

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